About the project

Family chronicle and family line history — a unique service offered by portal «DrevoMoe»

"A nation that forgets its past has no future".
— Winston Churchill

Each of us has relatives, a branched or small clan of relations and ancestors that gave rise to your family, a kind of family history. Preserving the memory of one's roots and passing it by inheritance to their children – that is the thought which sooner or later comes to mind of many, but the tradition of the family archive storage is nowadays almost non-held. Old photos are often stored in dusty albums, not all of them are supplied with explanatory inscriptions and dates, many eventually come in a sorry state due to defects, and so on. And the creation of one's own family tree is for many only a dream, because accomplishment of this task is beyond their scope. But ... wait a minute! Our website will provide you with a unique opportunity to make a genealogical tree of your family and create a true family archive of photos and videos. Your family chronicle can be designed as a photo book with explanations and brief biographies, it is also possible to represent the history of one's kin in a slideshow format with a specially selected musical accompaniment. There are many options for a spectacular and memorable appearance of your family archive, and all of them are represented in our portal!

Making a genealogical tree

Becoming a user of the portal «DrevoMoe», you will be able not only to make your family tree, but also to store any photos, film and video materials, and we will help you to digitize them in our professional studio. Contacting our professionals, you can be assured that your family chronicle will be quickly and efficiently converted to digital format, and if necessary, recorded on a disk or other media. Our studio can also edit family videos, so instead of unprofessional shooting you can enjoy a dynamic, spectacular and memorable movie on the life of your family.

Family chronicle: getting started

Starting to work with our portal is a piece of cake – you register, you get access to your account, as in all social networks, and start filling it up with numerous photographs and other available materials at your disposal. A personally collected family history is the best gift to oneself, one's ancestors and descendants, which everyone of you could make!