Old photo- and videotapes – to the new format!

Our old videotapes and photo films give us fond memories. We love to whisk dust from them, pass a hand over the dusty boxes, as if recalling the content of those records. But what prevents us from giving these memories a new look? After all, it is almost impossible to view a VHS tape nowadays, because old VCRs steadily become rare, and old films «fray» with a risk to lose one's records. Digitizing videos and films helps to deal with the problem.

VHS digitizing.

In order to "digitize" a video - to transfer it from a VHS tape to DVD, one needs a lot of time. This is possible only when you play the entire tape. In addition, not everyone has the equipment needed to digitize VHS tapes at home, and we often store all analog material (ie VHS tapes) in the attic, in the basement or on a shelf in the living room. But time goes on, and these records must be transferred into a digital format (which is the purpose of video digitization), because continuous development of technology makes it impossible to buy a new VCR. Many users store their old «treasures», because they think that video digitizing is too complicated. However, if you entrust us with this work, we shall make it promptly, and efficiently digitize video without problems.

Meanwhile, video tapes are exposed to all kinds of danger. In the course of simple rewinding old tape might get stuck in the device and, pulling the tape out, you could inflict to it an irreparable damage. Even children and pets are a constant source of danger, for they may damage the tape. Storage in damp or warm places can also destroy your home movies. Therefore, the only way out is digitizing videotapes, after which you will be able to store the record in a computer or on a DVD, which is a far more reliable medium, which is the reason for its being so spread for video digitization.