Photo Book

What is a photo book good for?

Almost every one of us stores hundreds of images in a computer database. These are photos of our children, friends and relatives, amateur features of vacation travels, camping, performances, anniversaries, weddings… But simple preservation of past memories is hardly enough. The meaning of a huge base of accumulated images is lost, if you often simply skip many photographs. Successful, meaningful images sink in a total mass, and their search turns watching from an exciting activity into a tedious and monotonous flipping.

It's hard not to get lost in an abundance of photos reflecting the fascination of your versatile life, so full of events. This is where such a wonderful thing as the photo book comes to aid.

Have you decided on the theme? Pick the material. And it's up to the designer to sort out the abundance of images, select the most successful and live, and process them, think out the integrity of composition in the design of each spread, the overall style. You, in you turn, will get an exclusive and stylish thing worthy to keep the memory of any significant event of your life for years to come. Both you yourself and your friends and family will review it «from cover to cover» with fun and time after time.

It is also worth while to note that a photo book is truly a wonderful gift. Order it to the wedding anniversary, to a meeting of old friends, to the anniversary of a person dear to you, compose a chronicle of the club, or describe in it your own unique Love Story...

What really is a photo book?

In simplistic terms, we can say that it is a convenient form of storage for your photos. A fundamental difference from the photo album is that the design of pages (and spreads) of a photo book already contains photographic material which you have selected. There's no need to fix or glue the photos. They won't fall out, deform, or turn yellow.

Using subtleties of design and special processing of images, one can beneficially highlight key points, remove unnecessary details, and go from simple enumeration of photos to the dynamics of development. A properly selected style will make your book a children's one, nuptial, romantic, whatever you like.

We offer you a variety of formats, volumes and quality options of photo books to choose from. You can choose the option that suits your particular case best.

The photo book price depends on features chosen by you and is calculated individually. Ordering two or more copies, you get a substantial discount.

Photo book MINI

  • Size – 20*15 cm (book-size)
  • Capacity – 3 to 10 spreads
  • Personalized photo cover
  • Printing on photo paper, solid cardboard sheets, full spreads 20*30 cm

The pages of this book open to 180 degrees. They are so firm that won't bend or twist. Therefore, given a rather small format of MINI book when closed, opening it we see a full spread 20*30 cm.
This small book is a handy and nice prom album version.

On average, 4-5 spreads will be enough:

  • one – with pictures of the teachers,
  • one or two – with pictures of the children,
  • an entire spread devoted to the child personally,
  • and the last spread with a group photo of the class (or group).

Minimal order quantity – 15 copies.

Price of the photo book MINI

a) includes:

  • photographing of children and teachers (max. 2 visits),
  • design layout creation,
  • production,
  • delivery to the place agreed in advance.

b) depends on:

  • the total quantity of spreads,
  • the quantity of personal spreads.

The minimal price of photo book MINI is calculated on basis of 3 spreads with a uniform design for all copies.

Photo book CLASSICS

  • Size – 28*20 cm, 26*26 cm, 30*30 cm
  • Capacity – 50 pages, 70 pages, 90 pages
  • Hard lacquer cover
  • Duplex printing on..