Video Editing

Creating a video archive

After working over old tapes and transferring them to a digital archive, you probably thought about how to organize your video records? Tidying old records from the technical side, we can also consider a creative approach, by making a video archive. Old recordings can be arranged, with quality video editing, in order for a documentary about the first steps of a child, or about the anniversary of one's great-grandmother, or a nephew's admission to college, not to look long and boring. But even if we make a full-fledged, full-length family movie, you need to cut so-called technical rubbish – the episodes where the camera trembled, or the shot was taken at a bad angle. The frames, where the child stands still and reads a poem, can be partially overlapped with his or her own photographs, and a video about a family holiday at the sea or in the country may be dubbed with a suitable music. All of this will add dynamics and make the movie interesting even for outsiders. In order to create a video, you do not need a lot of time and effort, we are ready to help in this challenging task and accomplish it within a reasonable time and for little money.

What is needed from you? We are ready to create a video chronicle of your family, but for this, we need some set of facts. Videos, photos, ideas, wishes about the music. Timing (ie, the time itself, during which the movie goes on) should also be determined by the customer. But it also depends on objective facts – it is almost impossible to make the movie longer than the provided source material. To perform this task, some fragments of a video should be replicated, with superimposing of photos, etc. Nothing good will come of such artificial extension, the movie could become boring and uninteresting. But if you decided to create a video archive short as «a bang», that looks interesting and dynamic, it's worth while considering a longer version, which will include footage not included in the main part. Who knows, maybe over the years you will like precisely the longer family movie version more? In short, there is room for creativity, any video can be edited to make it interesting to see and to please the entire family during a home feast. Try to create an archive of videos, and you will see how much joy and happiness such a simple thing would bring to you and your family!