Family history — how to create a family photo album on the portal?

After evaluation of the possibilities offered by our portal, you can doubt whether you are able to build your own family tree and create a family photo album. We can assure you, it's very simple! You just need to follow the prompts on our website, and in case a step causes difficulties or questions, we will be happy to address them quickly and solve the problem. Let's say you do not know how to place photos and videos in the portal, or you have problems with family tree creation. If you cannot log into the portal, forgot the password or want to change the account, feel free to contact the staff of our company who are waiting to show you how to use the portal and place materials – absolutely free!

Digitization of videos and photos

You have accumulated a lot of photos, videotapes and even film footage? This would significantly enrich your family album, but first, all of these valuable records and materials should be digitized, that is, transferred into a modern data storage format. Video digitization is a task for professionals who, using special equipment, not only will transfer your family chronicles to disks, but also will be able to assemble from disparate shots short movies, photo albums or even slideshows. A real family history in photographs, turning over to music specially selected by you. For all such matters, feel free to contact our experts who will introduce you to digital processing of photos, films and videos.

We hope that our portal has aroused your interest with its capabilities, because each of us most probably has a family photo album with old pictures that one would like to preserve for posterity, to pass on the memory of ancestors and family history. However, the age of old photographs and films, audios and videos is short, and in order to perpetuate such materials so valuable for you and your loved ones, you will need digitizing, which would allow your memorable shots remain ever bright, and time-damaged records with help of our experts will again remind you of distant times, and the people around you and your loved ones. We are pleased to save your fond memories and help you preserve the remembrance of your family history for ages!