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Creating a family photo archive: simple and cute

Taking good care of your memories and keeping them bright and high-quality – that's our job. Often people do not have enough time to create a photo archive, sort out old photos and set their albums to rights. Previously, when we ran to studios with films brought from a holiday, collected the printed photos, sometimes we still found time to arrange them in a photo album. And today, in the digital age, there is rarely a family photo archive which has a certain uniformity. We typically keep part of the photos in the far cabinet or in an old suitcase, the other part is contained in disparate photo albums, and some photos are in different folders of the home computer or simply recorded on some DVDs, also stored in different parts of the apartment. Familiar, isn't it? That's it, it's time to put an end to it, and create a photo archive, which is both very nice to browse oneself and not a shame to show to one's friends.

How to create a family history

For example, open the folder on your computer and run a slide show with nice music and a selection of family photos. Arrange the images as you like, for example, one slide show can be dedicated to children, another – to a family holiday, the third – to family history, which begins from the century before last, when photography was invented. Yes, today there is nothing impossible, old and modern photos can be compiled in different ways, as you fancy it personally. Of course, you might not always have the time, the necessary skill, computer software, etc. But you could entrust us with creation of your family photo archive. After listening to all the wishes, selecting the photos you want, overlaying certain music. In fact, making a photo archive is not so simple, the process is creative and requires huge amounts of time. Moreover, when you look at all the events and collected photos from the «inside», as the party involved in the events, you might miss something important, approach the process too subjectively, and there is a risk not to finish the archive creation process at all. So call us, and we'll do everything in a reasonable time, with maximum quality and creative approach. And it will be for you to decide how to dispose of the result. The family photo archive, or some particularly bright part of it, can be a good gift for the anniversary of a family member. Family photos are browsed with great pleasure both by older relatives and small children. And a slideshow demonstration on a family holiday would certainly give it a unique atmosphere and bring family members together.